Doug Williams & Geoff Williams Joint Exhibition at the Otago Art Society Dunedin.

Exhibition opening 6pm, 15 October 2015
Otago Art Society
Dunedin Railway Station


1980 Solo Otago Art Society Dunedin

1981 Solo Joseph Abernethy’s Dunedin

1982 Solo Joseph Abernethy’s Dunedin

1984 Joint Chis Fersterer Ceramics

1984 Joseph Abernethy’s Dunedin

1993 Solo Rosslyn Gallery Dunedin

1994 Joint Lake Tekapo Town Hall with Doug Williams, Lake Tekapo

1994 Solo Private Exhibition Auckland

1995 Joint Rosslyn Gallery with Doug Williams Dunedin

1996 Morgan Street Gallery Auckland

1997 Solo Morgan Street Gallery Auckland

1998 Solo Fishers Fine Arts Christchurch

1999 Group Show (The Nude) Fishers Fine Arts Christchurch

2000 Solo Fishers Fine Arts Christchurch

2001 Solo Fishers Fine Arts Auckland

2001 Joint Fishers Fine Arts Christchurch with Ivan Clarke, Christchurch

2002 Group Show (The Nude) Delsham Gallery Melbourne

2002 Solo Fishers Fine Arts Christchurch

2003 Solo Fishers Fine Arts Auckland

2004 Joint with Mark Olsen Fishers Fine Arts Christchurch

2005 Solo Rosslyn Gallery Dunedin

2006 Solo Fishers Fine Arts Wellington

2007 Solo Drawings The Artists Room Dunedin

2007 Solo Fishers Fine Arts Auckland

2008 Solo The Artists Room Dunedin

2009 “Toy Box” The Artists Room Dunedin

2010 Wellington

2011 “Fragmentum” Artists Room Dunedin

2012 Solo Remuera Gallery Auckland

2013 “Malboro Man and Bycroft Boy” Remuera Gallery Auckland

2014 Bryce Gallery Christchurch

2015 Solo Bryce Gallery Christchurch

2015 Joint with Douglas Williams Otago Art Society Dunedin

2016 “Memoir” Artbay Queenstown

2016 Joint with Mark Olsen Artbay Queenstown